Drum Kit instructions

Note: There are many ways to make drums.  Below is just guideline for making a drum.  If you have questions feel free to contact us.

Drum making video

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Rattle Kit Instructions Part #1

  •  Soak rawhide cut outs in cold water for 8 hours
  • Take out pat dry with a towel.

  •  Insert sinew into the needle, pulling through only half the length of the sinew.
  • Sew through both cut outs starting from bottom corner of cut outs (see picture above)
  • Make sure to leave 16"-20" of sinew not pulled through

  •  When finished sewing all around, make sure before cutting to leave 16"-20" unused sinew. 

  • Stuff wet rattle head with sand or rice to shape the rawhide.
  • Place upright to dry over night.
  • When dried remove stuffing material.

  • Soak lower portion of rattle head in a glass of cold water (refer to above picture) for 4-6 hours
  • Insert your rattle material (ei. dried beans, popcorn kenels or similar)

  • Insert the wood dowel into the rattle head.

Rattle Kit Instructions Part #2

  • Securely tie the rattle head to the dowel with unused sinew.
  • Trim off access sinew.
  • Let wet part of rawhide dry for 8 hours.


  • When all dried, the rattle is finished and ready for decorating if desired (fur accents, leather handle, etc)